Three (3) Actions to Help Every Consultant Succeed.

Before starting any presentation, I listen closely to the pre-session conversations, observe the attendees, and if appropriate, ask questions. During one presentation, an attendee asked if I would mind providing a little consulting career advice. Since the presentation’s title was The Entrepreneur Within, why not!

As she asked her questions…

A Cherished Memory and a BIG Communication Reminder

Its Thanksgiving and like many people, I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

Recently, I heard a news reporter recommend that if you become frustrated with crowds and delays, consider staying home this Thanksgiving. You’ll need patience if you’re traveling.

For many of us, with the holidays…

How changing the form of your questions leads to more inclusive problem-solving and a friendlier approach for everyone.

A key reason why clients hire consultants and freelancers is to help them solve a problem.

As a consultant, one of my favorite approaches for problem-solving is Toyota’s 5 WHYs Analysis. I embraced 5 WHYs Analysis while managing software application projects and have continued to use it as a management…

Laura Burford

Helping consultants & freelancers clarify their CORE, get clients, and grow their business | Founder-Consulting JUMPSTART Blueprint program |

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